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Winter Pruning

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

When we were still living in Ojai,

January was spent pruning back much of our one acre garden.

pruning 10Beginning at the entrance gates,

pruning 11right up to the front door,

pruning 12around the back,

pruning 13and amongst the patios.

pruning 1

The wisteria on the pergola needed to be pruned hard to yield these beautiful blooms.

pruning 2

Grapes on either side of the pergola needed to be reigned in each winter.

pruning 3Roses to prune in order to keep the pathways clear.

pruning 4English roses to keep in check lest they become climbers.

pruning 5So many roses to tend to.

pruning 6All manner of lavender to harvest for arranging.

pruning 7An orchard to shape each year.

pruning 8Pepper trees threatening to overtake the yard at every corner.

pruning 9Even my pots required shearing to keep them looking tidy.

I had salvia and butterfly bushes which needed to be severely cut back each year.

For the first time in many years there isn’t much pruning to be done as the planting at the Shack are very different.  The odd assortment of fruit trees could be trimmed now that I know what they are.  The boxwood, lavender and roses planted this year are too young to require  much tending.  We have a hedge bordering our property which does require regular attention, but is far too big for me to tackle.  Most of the tropical plants that I have added don’t require much more than water.  It seems odd to not have the hours of pruning weighing on me, but do I miss the chore?  Not sure, yet.  What I will undoubtedly miss is my Ojai garden when it was in full bloom each spring.


The next chapter…Santa Barbara

Friday, October 5th, 2012