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Along with the Driveway…

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Since we have my favorite rock guy working to widen the driveway, we decided to finish off a few more things out front.

The first is a pond which had seen better days.

We removed a second pond and connecting stream. The boys all want to demolish it, but I have faith that it can be revived. My only instructions are to make it look good.

The boys also sectioned off an area with old brick, giving me strict instructions to keep out. No plants allowed, is the translation.

The area is at the front of the property and really quite large. They have grand plans for a putting green made from artificial turf. I have not crossed the brick barrier, but maybe after the work is done I can sneak a few plants along the fence line?

We have a California Live Oak that is now filling in nicely. I asked that the base be covered in river rock set in sand. Sounds very Ojai, but I just can’t help myself.

The boulders have been delivered, now they just need to be set, always mindful of the brick barrier I mustn’t cross!

Even though much has yet to be completed, I have begun planting the perimeter bed with Phormium, Echium, Rosemary, Bird of Paradise, Kangaroo Paw and Agave.

Despite the terrible morning light, the plants are predominately yellow, lime green or variegated to stand out against the surrounding hedge.

Also planed is an enclosure to hide the garbage cans from the street and drive.

Could that be anymore unsightly? Even without the refrigerator waiting for Edison to pick up. I am surprised we haven’t been reported!

The view of everything from the opposite direction:

Maybe since we are moving along, ever so slowly, our neighbors haven’t lost patience, yet.

Driveway Widening

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Wishing this road widening had a sign reading…your tax dollars at work. It is a much needed improvement for the oft occasion when we have guests on our one way drive. Four feet or so will make it possible for two cars to just squeeze through and avoid the car version of musical chairs.

We began here, once also shrouded by bamboo on either side. We added grass to the once hidden, weedy field, leaving a dirt boarder for the future drive.

Our plan was to match the work done on the opposite side around the rose garden.

We originally replaced the rotting railroad ties with a Santa Barbara sandstone cut from large boulders. Though beautiful the stone is, it is costly, so the remainder will be made from boulders trucked in from Ojai. A little bit of home in SB.

The boulders are broken into blocks and finally going in this week.

I decided to include a surprise house warming gift from my dearest teacher friends in Ojai.

He will be just inside the gate to welcome guests and bring a smile to my face every time I come and go. Everything is in the messy stage, but soon enough things will be tidier than ever.