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Inspirational Walk

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

The local nurseries have been calling me…

All bound for the back garden, just not exactly sure where yet.

The front looks much the same as it did a year ago.

The jasmine growing on the fence was stunted by a lack of water. Some was devoured by gophers. As you can see there is little else of interest. Unless of course I failed to blog about that big boulder destined to have our house numbers.

I tell myself once the trees go in the rest will come to me. I look for inspiration in the neighborhood on my walk, but for one reason or another nothing is just right. Remind you of a certain fairy tale?

Case in point.

Stunning color composition, but all heavily shaded by majestic coastal live oaks. Certainly not my growing conditions.

This is one of my all time favorites, although my choices are not leaning toward cactus and the area is much larger than mine.

Pigmy Date palms under planted with jasmine. Maybe a bit uninspired?

I find these bird of paradise stunning against the white stucco wall. Neither of which I have.

This house was recently sold and the landscaping was completely redone with bougainvillea, flax, rosemary and salvia. It looks too professionally planted just yet.

Clipped box with a row of standard Iceberg roses. Pretty but a bit too manicured for me.

Cypress under planted with red and white roses, yellow kangaroo paws and lavender. Not bad in the Mediterranean and I find the color combination a bit off.

This old hedge was recently limbed up and then under planted with different varieties of flax and Echium. There is something about this I really like. Maybe our recent trip to New Zealand is clouding my judgment.

More flax, agave and ice plant. Nice looking but more suited to a Spanish house.

This newly planted entry looks a little too Disney for my taste.

Lots of beautiful plantings in the neighborhood, but like I said, nothing is just right for our house. If I asked each of these neighbors bet they would say anything beats that bare dirt. The search goes on.


Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

My sister in law sent a text saying she stumbled upon my travel and construction blog last night while on Pinterest. Those simple words made me pull up the blog and look at it as anyone else would and made me realize that I have DIY ADD.

I found that there hasn’t been a house related post sine June. We did take waaaay more trips than we normally do. But I really have been chipping away at the Shack, mostly on the gardens, though not one project is complete enough for a close up. I also realized that my computer has been broken since February. Really Mr.
Stovesand, can it take this long to replace a screen? I can barely send coherent texts with an iPhone much less blog! Case in point, I am re-typing this entire post because I somehow deleted the original one. I am pretty sure the last version was better.

I have a trunk full of plants…

And am on my twentieth or so flat of dymondia. These last two will mean the recycled concrete patio and flagstone path to the hot tub are complete.

Not difficult work but a tad bid tedious. We won’t discuss the mole last week.

The narrow flower bed behind our room is now considerably wider and planted in tropicals. Just needs mulching. The slope in front of the barn was without water and now needs to be re-planted on one side. The other side was grass and impossible to mow. The grass was removed and now has to be planned out. Darn, looks like another trip to the nursery. Grass seed went in two weeks ago and is being guarded from clumsy dogs

With all of these projects so near to completion, I found myself on Pinterest planning the future orchard. I can see why she referred to my travel blog. Add in a new-found addiction to Instagram and I feel like I have been blogging. Looks like I need to finish up a few projects and get back to real blogging. I need a little more DIY and lot less ADD.