Kitchen Details

By the shear number of posts, you might be guessing that I love my kitchen. I also loved my old kitchen in Ojai, but the size of this one allows me to have all of my things close at hand rather than in the guest house or laundry room.

We updated the kitchen that had only been remodeled once in the eighties, keeping the same layout, replacing all of the doors and making a few changes to make it more functional for the way we live.

The old kitchen had a book shelf for my cookbooks. This one was built into space formerly used as a breakfast bar. I decided to eliminate it since we have a dining table that seats ten in the same room, once used as both eating area and family room.

The maximum overhang without using supports was added to the adjoining side of the L-shaped island if we should ever decide to use bar stools. So far we haven’t felt the need for any. Silestone counter tops replaced navy tile with black grout.

One single wall oven in black was replaced by double ovens in stainless.

The four burner cooktop with downdraft was replaced with an eight burner and industrial hood. Huge drawers now house all of my pots in one location rather than stashed under furniture and in other rooms.

A trash compactor was squeezed into the island.

Two standard refrigerators on two walls were replaced by one big enough for everything.

A second window seat was replaced by a desk. No, it never looks this clean. Yes, I want to take a hammer and scissors to the boxes which make cable, phone, cell reception and wifi possible at The Shack.

The adjoining small eating/ family room area was converted all to dining space. This could be my favorite change as we finally have the space for the entire family to gather at a moments notice. Notice the television, soon to be hung, which I have tuned to HGTV or The Food network most of the time. Of course sports are on when the males descend upon my space.

Wood floors in hickory replaced linoleum and shag carpet. Jute rug and eight foot runner from World Market help to keep the wood floors cleaner.

Home Goods bulletin boards were hung next to the fridge for school photos and sports schedules.

A single light door replaced an old aluminum slider and made way for the fridge.

The ceiling went from grey to a bright white. The wood panel was lightened. Finally, more beachy accessories, some old and some new have been added as a finishing touch.

I had intended to include a full kitchen after shot, but there never seems to be a clean, clutter-free shot. Since I was away and then back to work for the past five weeks my posts have been non-existent. So I had better post this and add an after shot later. Besides, very soon I will be hosting an amazing photographer at the Shack. Hint. Hint.

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