Miami Heat

Recently we traveled to Miami to take a cruise in the Caribbean. We took a few days to spend time exploring the city before we set sail.

We stayed in North Beach, wasting no time checking out the Atlantic. Beaches crowded with lounge chairs takes some getting used to, but the warm water was a dream.

The boys loved South Beach, especially the convoy of snazzy cars driven by what looked like a group of rappers.

Here was something one doesn’t see every day.

We took a tour through little Havana. I just took all of the homeless chickens to the thrift shop, but clearly should have brought them to Florida to retire.

The boys bought cigars, not that they usually smoke.

I loved the Cuban’s hanging out playing games.

Corral Gables was an amazingly beautiful neighborhood. The old houses were gorgeous and the lush gardens helped me to envision Kirk’s desire for a tropical landscape at The Shack.

We toured Miami University, hit the beach and too soon packed up for the cruise (another post for another day). I know lots of people move to Florida to retire, but I am pretty sure I am not nearly hip enough for Miami. Maybe we will go back and find some retirement communities. Sounds like more of my speed.

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