House Plants – A Growing Obsession

I never was very good at keeping house plants alive.  When we were staging our Ojai house for sale I bought a nice big Dieffenbachia to make up for all of the furniture and too many possessions that were put into a pod.  We had a front room that was light filled and I found that the plant thrived…until we moved and I stopped watering it.

When we finally started to furnish The Shack, I bought some more plants to fill rooms.  Note:  all those possessions that were packed into the pod have for the most part remained boxed up nearly two years later.  Can anyone say hoarder?  I know you are…but I say that I am awaiting beautiful built-in cabinetry to house the books, DVD’s and every kid art project our boys EVER made.  But I digress.

I first brought home two ivy topiaries from Vons to do a little Christmas decorating last year.  The topiaries have languished for nearly a year, but not died.  I pick up cute little seasonal pots while grocery shopping to change them up for the season.  Still sporting the summer look here.

I recently picked up two succulents potted in pumpkins from Trader Joe’s.   Am I the only one who can’t seem to get past the front doors without first putting some sort of living plant or cut flower into my cart?

The kitchen window houses spent orchids and one aloe vera.

Then I added a Peace Lily Plant or Spathyphylum and have managed to keep it alive by watering it when the leaves go limp.  This may account for the brown tips on the leaves.   Our living room has windows on both sides of the room and seems to have a green house effect on the plants.

So I picked up a gorgeous Dracaena Reflexa Variegata at a nursery in Ojai.  It claims to thrive on neglect and really has grown a lot.  I love the bright green striped leaves.  I moved it to our bedroom after Spencer said the living room was looking like an office.

I was coveting Fiddle Leaf Figs in magazines and found a smallish one to add to my growing collection.   I loved it until I met this beauty at Home Depot…

We even had to bring it home in our landscape trailer.  The smaller plant was banished to the equally sunny over-sized hallway leading to the boy’s rooms.   It looks really beautiful in the opposite corner of the living room next to the windows.  ( I had to move it across the room to make way for the Christmas tree.)

When Spencer first saw it he said, “What is with the fake tree.”  It really is that beautiful and unusually large for a home.  But then Marlin came home from college and said, “What’s with the jungle?  It looks like a hotel in here.”  Maybe too much of a good thing?

Well I haven’t killed any of them…yet.  I will keep you posted on how the jungle progresses.


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