Orchard Inspiration

Next up on my agenda is to start planning the orchard we want to put in where there once was a chain link fenced horse turnout.  It is surrounded on two sides by hedges and borders the road off to the left of the house.  We began by having the chain link removed.   There was a time when the weed infested area appeared to perhaps belong to a neighbor.  With the fence down and a clear view of it from the driveway there is no denying that it is indeed OUR weed infested area.  Here is some inspiration from my folder of saved images.

I envision pathways of gravel or decomposed granite edged in sandstone to match the driveway.

Maybe with boxwood edging like the rose garden and a nice big arbor at the end for future photo opportunities.  Grass pathways would require too much water and maintenance although they are pretty.

Maybe if I am up to the challenge, a clipped parterre.

 I definitely want a water feature.  Kirk tends to like something much bigger and splashier, but I love this one.

Maybe with some built-in seating.  The boys want a sand volleyball court.  I would love a bocce court.  Maybe enough room for tables to be set for feast in the one day verdant orchard.

We inherited a melange of fruit trees spread throughout the garden at the Shack.  A fig tree produced enough fruit for me to pick and eat while gardening.  There were about a dozen walnuts, two apples, a handful of peaches and plums, enough avocados for the dog, the occasional lemon and a few small bitter Valencia oranges.  A small tangerine tree is laden with ripening fruit this year.  I am not quite sure if the trees are past their prime or in need of care.

We all miss the orchard we left behind in Ojai.  So many oranges that Spencer’s weekly job was composting fallen fruit.  Bumper crops of juicy apricots, I still have jam from the spoils.  Plums in excess.  The lemon tree just outside of our front door produced gallons of lemonade.  The fig I planted that just began producing a nice crop.  The Improved Meyer Lemon that yielded fruit to add just the right finishing touch to countless dishes.  I swoon when recalling the orange blossoms in spring.

I better get to work laying out the orchard so that I can take advantage of the bare root trees about to appear in nurseries.  The sooner they get planted, the sooner we can begin making jam and enjoying fresh fruit.


I have saved the above pictures to my compute so long ago that I no longer know who to credit.  Uh oh.

2 Responses to “Orchard Inspiration”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Love the seating idea, and the first pic I love; it already looks like your yard in your neighborhood. Maybe its the tall eucalyptus in the background. I know it will be fabulous when you decide how to lay it out.

  2. donna Says:

    Maybe that first picture is Santa Barbara. Sure looks like it. Need to get out there and start measuring at least…but then we got our Christmas tree.