Colors of Tuscany

Last week Kirk and I celebrated our twentieth anniversary by taking a trip to Tuscany.  The country side is unbelievably beautiful with antiquities galore, but what stood out most to us were the colors of the architecture in a myriad of warm earthy tones.A building in the village of Sienna had some yellow, gold, salmon, green, umber, terra cotta and grey all blended to perfection.

Pisa garageA red garage door in Pisa set in an umber building.

A green door in a soft taupe building.

A salmon wall with grey window surround.

 A gold wall also with a grey window surround.

Ironwork window set in a brick building.

A mosaic in those same golds and greys.

Even the marble complied with the color scheme.

As did the vegetation.

With views like this, it is no wonder artists use colors like raw umber and burnt sienna.  Italy was a veritable pallet of paint colors, blended to perfection over the centuries.

Kirk would like to live in a Tuscan house…in Santa Barbara.  Not a bad dream.








2 Responses to “Colors of Tuscany”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Congratulations on your twentieth anniversary! What a wonderful way to spend it, and what great ideas I bet you came home with for your next projects! You have such a good eye for color and pattern; I know what ever you do will be so creative and classic.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Stovesands!

  2. donna Says:

    Thank you Sharon. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. See you at Amy’s if not before!