Birthday Wreath

I was reading the latest issue of Sunset Magazine and was intrigued by the Wild Wreaths article in the Home & Garden section.

A dear friend’s birthday was coming up and she is very insistent about NOT wanting gifts.  She, however, likes giving gifts for everything.  I found that presenting her with disposable or edible gifts was an acceptable way of circumventing the guilty feeling of showing up empty handed.  I may or may not have mentioned that I am addicted to succulents…this seemed the perfect solution to my gift giving dilemma.

It seemed like an easy enough wreath to create, succulents plus moss, perfect.  I set out to Micheal’s, then Joanne’s, then to the same stores in two more towns before I settled on a metal wreath frame, sheet moss and floral picks with wire to attach the succulents.  The selection of wreath frames was bleak, most were way too small for my liking and bags of moss seemed a bit messy.

I gathered my supplies and set to work.  I cut the sheet moss into a square, then removed a circle from the center, and rounded the corners to just fit the wire frame.  Quickly I realized that the wire frame needed heft, so out came the bags of moss I had attempted to avoid.  The article, I now note, does offer a tip to use a “firm wreath base, such as one made of straw or foam.”

The rounded edges were clipped to be pulled over the frame and secured with lots of hot glue.

Remember the mess I was trying to avoid…this proves that went out the window.  You can see some of the supplies used:  scissors, wire cutters, clippers, floral wire, floral picks, glue gun and moss.

It became clear that another sheet of moss was going to be necessary to hold the wreath together, so the entire process was repeated.  For extra security the entire wreath was wrapped with very thin floral wire.  Succulents scavenged from my ever-growing collection were attached to floral picks and hot glued into the wreath.  Sadly, the succulents were more green than red and I added a few more than the inspiration photo.  A bow to hang it and voila…

Not quite as soft and loose as the article depicts, but nice none-the-less.  A gift tag created using more moss and a tiny succulent was the finishing touch.

Lovingly delivered with a caution to keep it out of direct sun lest all that glue melt.  That could be a disaster.













4 Responses to “Birthday Wreath”

  1. Isabel Says:

    Job well done. I know the recipient will love it.

  2. Michelle Says:

    that was a fabulous idea. I think it turned out really beautifully.

  3. donna Says:

    If she does’t I will never know!

  4. donna Says:

    Thanks Michelle.