For the Educators

The few followers of this little blog know that I taught kindergarten and first grade for the past twelve years.

I find news of Newtown unbearably sad and even more so at this time of year with too many holiday celebrations as we carry on, miles away from the horrific tragedy.

So I baked…

teachers 1

and baked…

 teacher 2

and washed lots of dishes.

teacher 3Until I had a coffee cake, cranberry muffins, brownies, macaroons and granola to deliver to Spencer’s school for the staff that has eased his transition to high school in a new town.

teacher 4Because when I was teaching, a little snack at recess was always welcome.

And because life can be so unpredictable.

 And we are so very grateful for the education our son is receiving and his success thus far.

Was that just an earthquake?  That just might prove my point!

You never know…





2 Responses to “For the Educators”

  1. Sharon Says:

    When the going gets tough, the tough get baking….what else can one do after such a sad and tragic event! I know the teachers will appreciate it Donna. The cookies and muffins look fantastic. You are inspiring me….gonna do some truffles and some empanadas and maybe some pecan puffs.

    Will I see you Christmas eve at Amy’s and Don’s?

  2. donna Says:

    Sounds delcious Sharon. It is so nice to have a weekend right before Christmas. Feels like more time to prepare for the big day.

    We always spend Christmas Eve with Kirk’s family going to mass and his sister’s so we won’t be at Amy’s. Have fun and enjoy the holiday.

    Thanks for checking in. You are definitely my number one commenter!