Headboard for Spencer

My kids like to produce wish lists for birthdays and Christmas.  Spencer’s contained a surprising amount of room decor, including curtains, headboard, dresser and more.  His birthday was last October and I found an inspiration photo to fashion a headboard from.

headboard 1I probably found it on pinterest or Houzz.  Another one had less bulky sides and lacked the lighting.  I settled on a hybrid of the two.  He currently has a full-sized bed and wants a queen so it was to be 64 inches wide by about 60 inches high and to hang on the wall above the six-inch base board.  I picked up 2 x 3 lumber to make the frame.  Six inch tongue and groove pine for the face.  Clear 1 x 4 birch was chosen for the bottom and side framing for a more stream lined look and 1 x 6 for the top.  Scraps of 2 x 4 were used to make french cleats on the back.

Then the lumber was stacked in the game room with no progress until my father came for the holidays.  He thought it would be a piece of cake.  So with Spencer’s help we started construction on New Year’s Day.

headboard 2

First up was to cut all of the tongue and groove boards to determine the finished height.  Then the framing was cut to length.  We built it on the guest cottage floor for a clean, dry and flat surface to work upon.

headboard 3Spencer used his skills from junior high wood shop to help,

headboard 4dad measured everything expertly and I held the ends of the wood.

headboard 5After deciding to make the top a bit bigger, we finished, brought it inside and measured to add the french cleats.

headboard 6The other half was attached to the carefully located studs.  The blue tape was added to mark the outline of the headboard.  Notice Spencer’s signature orange wall.

headboard 7At last it was hung on the wall and could not look better.

headboard 8All that is left to decide is paint or stain, grey or black…

headboard 9Not bad for $100 worth of wood and a few hours of work.  Well,  having a very talented father helps tremendously and really couldn’t have been done otherwise.  Thanks Dad!










4 Responses to “Headboard for Spencer”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wow! That looks good!! I vote for a gray color, black with the orange wall may look a bit Halloween-ish! Now where’s his new door, windows, curtains, etc… Haha

  2. Isabel Says:

    Great job, I will show it to Greg, I’m sure he will love it!

  3. donna Says:

    It really was easy if you are good with a measuring tape.

  4. donna Says:

    I voted for gray, but he really wanted black to match his furniture. Now that it is in, he is looking at gray stains. I will show him this comment…he surely doesn’t want Halloween. Now for the rest of his list!