Have Library Card?

I haven’t written a post about my love of the reStore yet, but I LOVE to shop there.  I have picked up lots of cool things for our house.  That could be a post in and of itself, but this is about my latest find.  Recently, I stopped by to look for windows for a friend and found these instead….

library 1They had just come in, were in the parking lot and being haled on.

We have a very long hallway that is begging for shelves so I had one of the guys measure them to see if they would even fit.  They were measured at ten feet long by eight feet high.  It is hard to tell, but there are two sets of lower, doored cabinets and two of shelves made of cherry.  The price was right, if I took them that day,  so I headed home to measure the hall.

This was the hallway before we bought the house, complete with painted paneling and carpet.  The windows look out over a deck and the front yard and flood the room with natural light.  The hallway leads to the boys rooms off of the kitchen.

library 2Here it is from the other direction with the boys sceptically looking around.  This is also about the time that they named our new home The Shack.   The original plans have  it labeled as the “Play Hall.”  Since the boys are a bit too old to play in the house much, the 25 x 8 foot space is currently used to store boxes housing items for the yet to be finished kitchen.

library 3Shortly after moving in we drywalled the space, removed a door frame turned shelving unit, added wider door trim, evened out the ceiling lights, painted it up and added hardwood flooring.  Unfortunately, I never took a picture of it empty but it is much improved.

But back to the shelves, they would definitely fit on the wall behind Marlin.   So like the Beverly Hillbillies, we loaded up the truck (trailer) and off we went to pick them up.  I will spare you the details of getting them up over the deck stairs, under the mini-arbor and through the sliders, in the dark and drizzle, all without ruining shelves or home.  Nor re-live the dead arm, breaking back, panting parents, or silent girlfriend.  At long last they were in and tahdah….

library 4They WERE ten feet long and fit on that wall perfectly, BUT can you see that the shelves are very close to the ceiling height BEFORE being put on top of the lower cabinets?  Kirk got out the measuring tape and sure enough (though I fought him on it mightily) we have at least an extra foot.  In layman’s terms, they are way too tall.  I am not popular around here because they had to remain in the hall to prevent being ruined by the first winter to ever transcend upon Santa Barbara.

library 5It doesn’t look so bad from this angle, until you take into account Marlin’s bedroom and the boys bathroom lie at the opposite end of the hall.  Did I mention I am VERY UNPOPULAR around here?!!?  All is not lost however, the carpenter is coming Saturday to take off a foot or so, fit them together, add back the base and crown molding and hopefully restore my reputation.  If not I may be banned from the reStore for life.  Stay tuned…and wish me luck.




2 Responses to “Have Library Card?”

  1. Isabel Says:

    Hey, when you’re saving money there is alway a catch!! In the end I bet they will look great.

  2. donna Says:

    I will find out in about thirty minutes if it was worth it. Nice to see you yesterday. Will keep you posted.