Guest Bath Facelift

We have an extra room with a bath.  Modesty prevents me from photographing the entire room.  Currently it houses washer and dryer, daybeds, television with gaming equipment, Bowflex, treadmill, collection of homeless furniture, Stovesand family portrait from the 70′s, boxes of books and decorative dishes.  You get the picture, a catch-all for any manner of things we can’t decide where to house permanently.

It also has a bathroom which is currently used by Kirk and I as our 1960′s number is presently non-functional.  When we took possesion of the house it looked like this:

Guest Bath 1

At the time, this was the best of the three and a half baths, although not necessarily to my taste.  I am thinking it was done in the 80′s maybe?  The tile wasn’t in bad shape, the toilet worked and the oak cabinet was sturdy.  I almost never am initially drawn to blue, so I chose to focus on the accent colors of gold and rust.  First up was having the entire room sprayed a crisp white.  Then a 1 x 6 pine baseboard and trim was added to a room void of any embellishment.

Guest bath 2Since we live close to the beach, eight hooks were added to hang all of the beach towels that pile up when friends are over.  I found a rack at the Restoration Hardware Outlet to stack white towels on for the post beach showers.  It was a bit wider than the trim so little pieces were added to attach the rack.

guest bath 3A simple white mirror was ordered from Home Depot and fitted between the trim board for a built in look.  The room began to look very sterile in all white so I mixed a bit of the livingroom color into the paint for a subtle shade between the trim boards.  It looks so much warmer and it no longer feels like a virtual straight jacket.

guest bath 4New, inexpensive plumbing fixtures,  curtain rod hung at ceiling height, long waffle shower curtain, throw rug and painting all  helped to make the room more of this decade.

guest bath 5And to think it all started with this tile I was sure I couldn’t work with…

guest bath 6

A lot of lip stick and rouge to spruce it up.  Not sooo bad now!  On to the other two and a half.



2 Responses to “Guest Bath Facelift”

  1. Isabel Says:

    Good job, amazing what a little paint and accessories will do!

  2. donna Says:

    Thank you Isabel. If only the rest of the house would go so quickly.