Where are we?

For those of you keeping track of the earlier posts with projects which were unfinished, here is an update.




My favorite rock guy in the entire world came to quickly put in some concrete paver steps in a slope leading to the guest cottage.  While he was here we roughly measured out the orchard, which is approximately 100 x 150 feet.  I showed him my loose schematic of what I want and the inspiration pictures from the blog orchard post.

update 1There are lots of dreams and visions included which may or may not come to fruition.  After the measurements were taken, we decided to switch the bocce court perpendicular to where I had drawn it in and move it behind the vegetable beds and fountain to the top of the yard.  With a general layout established I can begin putting in fruit trees.  It’s a start, if however small.

I also found a few more pictures to use as inspiration from Houzz.

update 2I love that bocce court with the stone edging like the one we had put in on our driveway.    Definitely not so many boulders though.  Maybe a pergola, although in another decade probably.

I also found this on my computer but can’t recall where it was found.  Love the stone pillars and gate.  Just a dream…

update 3




The carpenter had a few hours and came last Friday, minutes before I ran off to yet another basketball game with Spencer.  When we got home the cabinets were mostly in, the counter tops aren’t matched up yet and none of the trim is up.  Not sure why they weren’t finished, but at least the hall isn’t so clogged.  Getting closer…

update 10




Instead of getting better, it has actually gotten worse as I picked up a rattan, glass-topped table and four chairs on coasters from the reStore when I got the shelves.  Nothing else has been tackled.  Heavy sigh of disappointment.

update 8




Next up were the plantings to fill the cleared beds.  Kirk has a client that sells big trees and we are supposed to go select something that won’t get too big but will be a little unusual.   I am waiting to choose the filler plants until I see the elusive trees installed.  I also keep going back and forth between boxwood edging and something looser with less maintenance required.   Here is a neighbors really fancy version with boxwood.  Thinking….

update 4




Tried some samples of deck paint we had lying around.  Haven’t gotten the thumbs up from Spenc so his headboard remains raw pine.

headboard 10




is being painted!!!!  That makes up for all of the above.

update 11


2 Responses to “Where are we?”

  1. Isabel Says:

    Looks like you’re chipping away at it. The bookcases look good. Lots of places to put all your collections.

  2. donna Says:

    Just like the Little Engine that Could, I tell myself, “I think I can” alot these days.