Kitchen Update

The really exciting news is that the painters are tackling the kitchen!  I am beyond ecstatic as you might guess.  The kitchen had last been remodeled in the 80′s when we bought our house.  Pickled pine, blue tile with dark grout, a very popular blue linoleum and even space for two refrigerators.

update 5

The doors were switched to a Shaker style, the counter tops went Silestone, the bar stool area became shelves for cookbooks, the appliances are stainless, one refrigerator was eliminated, the floor is now wood, the ceiling is a bright white, paint will make the cabinets and tongue and groove paneling seem more modern, the massive television unit is gone and that area houses a dining table for ten.  It was meant to be a moderate facelift, but still has taken over a year to finish.

kitchen 4

I thought that most of my kitchen hadn’t yet been unpacked, just using the essentials.  Until I began to empty the cabinets and filled up the dining room table, Marlin’s room and then started putting things into the living room.  What is in those boxes still piled in the hall and game room?  How did this happen?

kitchen 3

Right now it looks like this:

update 6

Color selections have been made:

update 9

I took inspiration from a kitchen found on Houzz (probably).  Simple, clean and naturally green, but not ALL green.

update 7

The driveway is being used as a paint booth.

kitchen 1The lower doors and cabinets were primed dark grey in preparation for the green paint.

kitchen 2

In a week or so it should be close to finished.  Need to work on the stain for the paneling, choose door hardware, have the range hood vented through the attic and pick a backsplash.  Our last kitchen wasn’t done for two and a half years.  We are way ahead of schedule this time.  I am looking forward to finally unpacking all the boxes stacked around the house and really using the kitchen.  Makes all the dust a pleasure to endure.


4 Responses to “Kitchen Update”

  1. Isabel Says:

    I love the green you chose. I bet it will look amazing with the wood floors. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  2. Sharon Says:

    You are sooooo brave! Love the green; I can hardly wait to see it finished. Good luck, Donna!

  3. donna Says:

    I can’t wait either, Isabel! Especially since it’s still shrouded in plastic.

  4. donna Says:

    Thanks Sharon. Only really brave if I like it. Waiting…