The next chapter…Santa Barbara

We sold our house in Ojai last September.  We rented a house for a minute.  Then we bought a house and moved to Santa Barbara.  The boys and I commuted back to Ojai for six months.  For the first time in many, many years, Kirk was no longer commuting.   Marlin graduated from high school.  I ended a twelve year run of teaching.  Spencer graduated from junior high.  Marlin went away to college.  Spencer began high school.   Goodness a lot has happened in the past year.

Our Ojai House

When we were making the decision to move, we decided to look at open houses in the Santa Barbara area to get a feel for neighborhoods and housing prices.  We stumbled upon a 1917 Craftsman home in Montecito that was so beautiful it made my heart beat rapidly.  Unfortunately, the slightly creaky, gorgeous wooden floors, enormous, antiqued blue kitchen, two oak staircases, and manicured gardens were well above our price range.   Ultimately, we decided that a move was feasible, just not to that particular house.  Sigh.

The Montecito Dream Home

On an Internet search for that Montecito property, I stumbled upon a listing for a country French home, also in Montecito, and from there onto the  Velvet & Linen blog.  The French home was owned by the author of another blog, Penelope Bianchi of McCormick Interiors.   Along the way, as I perused real estate listings, I also began exploring the blogging world.  The limitless inspiration was astounding and I became hooked with dozens of blogs saved to my iPad Home Screen.

The Shack

Over a year later we finally found our next project,  a sprawling, fifty year old ranch style home, which we affectionately refer to as, “The Shack.”  I do often look at the real estate photographs of the Craftsman home, though it has little in common with our house.  One can always dream, right?  So after all of these changes in our lives, now what?  Time for a blog, as we begin the next chapter transforming The Shack and finding our way around a new city.

I hope you will join us on our journey.


5 Responses to “The next chapter…Santa Barbara”

  1. Taya Says:

    Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  2. Isabel Says:

    I will enjoy visiting with you through this blog. Hopefully we can visit in person too.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Donna — got your blog link from Taya and I look forward to the next posting! You have done what I could never do, so I will live precariously through you. On another note, I know the house you fell in love with well. Bob worked for the man that owned that house and I have been there many times. I agree, it’s very lovely with great personality.

  4. donna Says:

    Isabel – we need to get to Otto & Sons before the sale ends! Thanks for checking in.

  5. donna Says:

    Michelle – I was so curious about the owners. They told us they had moved to another house. Since it sat fully furnished and empty for so long I easily could have been the caretaker. I copied their door and baseboard trim but that is about where the similarities end. Thanks for checking in.