Kitchen Finishing Touches

Slowly the kitchen is progressing.  It looked like this on Friday:

kitchen 5Not far enough along for Kirk, but getting closer.  Most of the paper and plastic were removed so that we could use the oven, sink and trash compactor over the weekend.  Because it was raining Friday, the painters attempted spraying the doors inside.  They didn’t turn out very well and are being redone outside today.

Next up is finalizing stain colors for the wood tongue and groove walls.  They are a grey color and make the entire room seem dark.  I am hoping to apply a brighter white/beige, thinned-paint stain to lighten them up while allowing the wood texture to show through.  Previous attempts with custom tinted glazes were too green and dark.  My inspiration came from a pillow bought last year at Pottery Barn with the green of the lower cabinets and bright white of the upper cabinets and trim.  Frazee wouldn’t color match fabric so I attempted to find the color in their fan deck of color samples to match the background color of the pillow.

kitchen 6I narrowed it down to two from the myriad of choices and bought quarts in a flat finish.  Each sample was painted full strength onto a scrap of wood to check color.  The one on the left is slightly more yellow, so now we will try thinning the color on the right and putting it over a scrap of the grey panel.  Hope it works!

We also purchased the door and drawer hardware from Restoration Hardware.  I tried looking at Capitol Hardware in Santa Barbara and found some really nice options.  Unfortunately, they were WAY out of my budget.  I loved this:

kitchen 7but found something similar and then ordered clear glass knobs for all the upper cabinets.  Restoration Hardware doesn’t stock any to take home so I am waiting patiently for UPS to arrive with the goods.

I am also on the hunt for backsplashes.  I do love subway tile, but it seems like that is everywhere now.  I did love the harlequin, green and gold, Walker Zanger tile in my old kitchen, but want something lighter this time.   Most tile in Santa Barbara is too Spanish-looking for our 60′s ranch house.  The front-runner today is this:

kitchen 8Hopefully, after the cabinets are done I can bring the sample home to be sure.

This weekend there was an estate sale around the corner at a gorgeous house that was Tuscan in style.  The powder room had the most amazing tile which I am sure wouldn’t be approved by the family, but it was so gorgeous.

kitchen 9Even further off topic, there was a latticed water closet in the same house.  Not something I could use, but really beautiful.

kitchen 10The home is called Mirabella and you can google it to see the rest of the property.  I only bought two books about Tuscany, but it was fun to look at the house and all the people grabbing sheets and paintings.

Getting closer on our kitchen !  Can’t wait to unpack all of those boxes piled up around here and hopefully get rid of whatever doesn’t find a home.  Yeah right.


2 Responses to “Kitchen Finishing Touches”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Ooooo, I love the front runner tile/backsplash!

    I hope the painters didn’t charge you for re-painting; never paint in high humidity/rainy days. They know that! Can hardly wait to see it all finished.

    I thought your harlequin tile in the Ojai house was about the coolest I had ever seen; loved it! But I can hardly wait to see what you get done at the Shack!

    Let’s get together soon for a girls night and cocktail and war stories about reno projects!

  2. donna Says:

    Thanks Sharon. If I get any objetions here, I will use your reply in my favor. No sports right now…ready when you are!