Technical Difficulties

I closed a pen in the laptop and ruined the screen. Waiting patiently for it to be repaired.

Also waiting less patiently for kitchen to be finished. Unpacking as I am able and quickly filling the cupboards.

Thinking about the list of items left to do:

Paint trim and doors.
Install quarter round at cabinet base.
Install door and drawer knobs and pulls.
Hang light over island.
Buy more LED strips for cabinet tops.
Install glass in upper cabinets.
Find chandelier for dining area.
Unpack remainder of boxes.

Now that sounds like a lot, but as we are in the fifth week of painting, the rest sounds less daunting.

I would include a few pictures, but can’t really figure out how on this tiny phone. Bad, bad blogger!



3 Responses to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. Donna Says:

    Well look at that. Accidentally added a photo.

    Wood paneled walls, formerly reddish stained, then pickled, then nicotine stained.

    New color matched to Pottery Barn pillow. First coat – one part paint to two parts glaze. Second coat, after slight flip out over uneven coverage, three parts glaze to one part paint. Third coat – sprayed on satin clear coat which unevenly yellowed but allows knotty pine to still show through. I have chosen to embrace the final product as rustic, beach cottage.

    The overall effect is lighter and brighter which is as much as can be expected at this point.

  2. Isabel Says:

    Made me laugh after a very hectic day, thanks

  3. donna Says:

    Thank YOU for checking in. See you at the auction…have to send in my reply card!