Where was all of this?

Apparently screens cost more to replace than buying another computer. Not sure what the fate of my laptop is after closing the screen on a pen. I guess another post from my iPhone is in order. Here goes…

The kitchen painting finally wrapped up last Monday. I have been steadily chipping away at the piles of boxes. Some have been stored for two years, since we listed our Ojai house. Others were boxed when we sold our house a year ago summer and sent to Podville. Others made the cut for the rental, only to be boxed up and moved to Santa Barbara three months later. No matter when they originally were taped and labeled, they have been stacked all around the house waiting for the kitchen to be complete. One year and three months later that day arrived. Not that I am counting.

Boxes were piled in the hall, in the game room and still more in the shop. Some for so long I couldn’t even recall what the contents could possibly be. Slowly, I am making my way through them. Alas, the cupboards in my much larger kitchen have filled up far too quickly.

I unpacked, filled the island with the spoils, rearranged the cabinets to wedge in more and attempted to purge.

This pile is destined for someone else’s home. I am toying with the idea of having a very belated housewarming where guests take my things home rather than bring something. Obviously, nothing needs to be added to this house. Friends from Ojai visited yesterday and they commented that the new kitchen is less Tuscany, more beachy. That was my intent, but it leaves a lot of homeless chickens.

My grandmother’s china is finally out and on display in the hutch that has been empty for far too long. You may notice the addition of some ivy pieces, but that’s another post.

The Depression Glass and teapot collection are now in the cabinets suspended above the island. This cabinet has caused much discussion over the past year, about 50/50, for and against, keeping it. There are no corners in our kitchen so grandma’s corner cabinet is in the game room – not the best place for glassware.

Not empty though. So I am still wondering where all of this came from. With a few boxes still to be opened, thinking a dumpster is in order and too much on the island that remains without a storage spot. My niece said, ” At least it is nice stuff.” Even I am beginning to wonder.

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