Kitchen Inching Along

I tell Kirk each morning that I will be spending the day chipping away at the kitchen clutter. Tiny chips though they may be, we are getting closer.

Tomorrow the knobs and pulls go on!

Twenty five of these bronze knobs for the lower, green doors.

Thirty three pulls in three lengths for the drawers.

Twenty two of these glass beauties for the upper, white cabinets – my favorite. Add that all up and we should have enough doors and drawers to store plenty, right? One would think.

The hallway pile is down to this. A few destined for Marlin’s first college apartment, one for donation and two to go in the hall library storage.

And these, destined for the shop, mostly contain Pyrex Fruit pieces without a home. Not quite ready to part with the collection that was gathered over years. ..yet anyway.

The truck is completely loaded with those things I am willing to part with. Progress!

Very soon these drawers and doors will be much easier to open!

One Response to “Kitchen Inching Along”

  1. Shari Says:

    You can load up my car!